TechLift was developed especially by experts and graduates of technological units in the IDF. The program combines deep and broad learning which promotes and educates for values such as leadership and Social and business entrepreneurial excellence among young people. This is done by studying the areas of entrepreneurship, programming, the Internet and advanced technologies.


The goal of the program is to promote and encourage young people to turn their ideas into reality by learning about entrepreneurship and technology, and exposure to the high-tech world and start-ups to ensure the optimal integration of the future generation in society and the economy.

The program is based on three pillars: education for values,
tools and technological skills,
and leadership and entrepreneurial contents.


On the values pole, the program will activate a community of young entrepreneurs and promote a learning method of teamwork, creativity, thinking outside the box, tolerance, innovation and more.

On the technological pole, the students will undergo theoretical and practical training, in which they will be exposed to a variety of technological subjects. The learning process will combine theoretical content and practical workshops to implement the theory.

On the entrepreneurial-leadership pole, the trainees will undergo an initiation program with the aim of setting up an independent business venture, in which they will experience a process of training for entrepreneurial and leadership skills and tools.


The program operates as a youth movement, with the aim of providing the students a community, social and ethical home, and includes enrichment lectures, peak days, tours and joint activities between various groups of movement members throughout the country.